The 3 key accessories in Paris Fashion Week 2024

 Paris Fashion Week 2024 was an extravagant, innovative, and glamorous week. Among the many highlights of the event, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez stole the show. Both gracing the runways and after parties, bejewelled in breathtaking diamond necklaces and earrings by Hassanzadeh Jewellery.

Jennifer Lopez, a symbol of glamour and elegance, turned heads with her choice of Jewellery. Her earrings featured exquisite detail, masterfully made, creating a one of a kind piece that cannot be found easily elsewhere. J.Lo's look was the definition of classic Hollywood elegance, seamlessly merging with the avant-garde vibes of Paris Fashion Week.

Rihanna Fashion week Paris 2024

  Rihanna, known for her bold fashion statements, wore a stunning, black puffer dress with her diamond necklace and matching earrings that perfectly complemented one another; Adding an extra layer of glamour to the already dazzling affair.
jennifer lopez fashion week paris 2024
Hassanzadeh Jewellery, known for its luxurious designs and unparalleled quality, once again proved its status as a favourite among the stars. The brand's ability to merge tradition with modern flair was on display, showing that even megastars can use some of that bling bling. 
Fashion Week Paris 2024

As the lights of Paris Fashion Week 2024 dimmed, the sparkling memories of the masterpieces on these two icons continued to shine brightly, renewing the vision for luxury and elegance in the modern high fashion world.

jennifer lopez fashion week paris 2024
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