History of HRD Antwerp Institute of Gemology

HRD Antwerp is one of the oldest and most valid sources of diamond certificate issuance in Europe. This Institute was established officially in 1973, but the diamond business and services in Antwerp has an oldness of nearly 600 years. From the mid-15th century, Antwerp has been one of the most important centres that had a calculated system for diamond buying and selling. After the marine business routes between Europe and India were opened in late 15th century, Antwerp Belgium was the main destination of diamond merchants in Europe. Untill in the 16th century when Antwerp became a worldwide diamond trading centre where was the best destination for gemcutters, worlds first famous gemcuts, first diamond polishing equipments and many other firsts that all were born in the same city.
In the late 19th century the first diamond stock market was initated in Antwerp and the city has remained one of the most important diamond trading centres in the world since.
After the establishment of GIA institute in the U.S. and the foundation of the new diamond scale rating system, and considering the increase in buying demands and selling of diamonds rated based on the 4Cs, the HRD Institute was founded in 1973 presenting laboratories equipped with the latest devices.
HRD stands for "Hoge Raad Voor Diament" which in Flemish, one of the two official languages in Belgium, means "the Great Diamond Council".
With more than 5 centuries experiences in the field of Diamonds in Antwerp city, it soon became the biggest and most valide of diamond certificate issuance source in the whole Europe.
Nowadays the HRD Institute is also issuing certificates for jewellery pieces as well as diamonds. The jewellery certificates issued by the HRD Institute have and ID that confirms the originality of the jewellery piece and cannot be copied. Meaning that the jewellery pieces with this certificate are known as valid all over the world. All the properties of the jewellery pieces certified by HRD are registered in their official website and the jewellery owner can observe them all from anywhere around the world just by entering the certificate number in the website. The beauty in design and elegance in production has turned these jewellery pieces into perfect, charming pieces.
We are honoured to present jewellery pieces with international HRD certificates as well. In addition to the confirmation of the originality and quality of the gemstones, other qualities such as type and weight of the metal are also mentioned in the certificate.


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