Where Does Cara Delevingne Get Her Jewellery From?


The Olivier Awards is about so much more than honouring top performances; it is also a runway for the most glamorous, and Cara Delevingne was certainly the main character this year.

This time, what caught the public’s eye wasn't just her killer poses or glittering gown; it was also her striking jewellery, which in fact, were made by Hassanzadeh Jewellery.
Cara turned heads and set hearts racing. Dressed in a custom sequin gown by Gucci, bringing back the daring, red and blue colour combo.
She made the night her own by making such bold fashion statements. The shimmering texture of her gown was a perfect match for her diamond earrings, and it all came together with her dazzling diamond ring.




We are proud to be chosen by so many distinguished faces, working towards a better,more future proof way of celebrating fashion together.

Hassanzadeh Jewellery, An advocate for ethical jewellery making and sustainable, slow-fashion trends, is known for its timeless and luxurious designs.

Each piece crafted by Hassanzadeh Jewellery is a masterpiece of its own, meticulously handcrafted with the finest materials to incredible detail.

With a reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional jewellery design, Hassanzadeh Jewellery has earned the admiration of celebrities, fashion icons, and discerning clientele worldwide. From red carpet events to exclusive soirées, they continue to captivate hearts and turn heads, making a lasting impression wherever they go. 



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