All You Need To Know About Solitaire Rings

Immediately after we hear the word Solitaire Ring, we all think of marriage and engagement rings! Solitaire rings are one of the most famous and popular types of jewelry rings available in the world market. No matter the most famous jewelry brand in the world or just a small local business in a city, you can find solitaire rings in almost every jewelry shop you step in, as they are one of the best sellers of the jewelry market and also one of the most basic designs that any jeweler can craft easily.

But what is a solitaire ring? What are its main specifications? What different types does it have and what has made solitaire rings so popular and loved? Do they always come in one single type and design or are they customizable? Here in this article, we are going to talk about all these and more for you to know more about these beautiful rings and choose your favorite more wisely and easily.


Solitaire Rings

The name of these rings indicates the two very important specifications in them: their setting and the number of main gems.

The typical solitaire setting is a very common jewelry setting type in which there is only one gem set on the top of the ring, held and protected by four – more or less – prongs. These rings come in a variety of different customized designs, therefore the setting can be done in other ways than the prong setting, for example, the gem can be set inside a bezel to reach a different look.

In the typical solitaire rings, the main gem is usually a lone brilliant-round diamond and the simple design of the band absorbs all the attention to the single sparkling diamond in the middle. But there are many factors you can consider to make your solitaire ring more customized for you. For example, you can choose to have engravings on the band of your ring. These engravings can be beautiful patterns or they can be special symbols or words that are important for you and your love relationship. You can also have several smaller diamonds, or any other gem, set on the band of your ring. This will make your ring look shinier and not so simple anymore.

The other factor you might consider is that you can choose another shape and cut for your main gem which changes the whole look of your ring. Other popular gem cuts are princess-cut, pear-cut, marquise-cut, oval-cut, and heart-cut. Also, the other interesting factor you can consider to make your ring more special and exciting is to choose a colorful gem instead of diamonds. Having an emerald, a sapphire, ruby, or any other gem rather than a diamond set on your ring would make it look more modern and special.


History and concepts

136 years ago in 1886, Tiffany & Co. introduced a brand-new design for diamond rings that later turned into one of the most popular and sought-after types of jewelry. The classic Tiffany solitaire ring was a platinum ring with simple shanks and a single brilliant round-cut diamond set on top of it, held by 6 round prongs. These diamond rings symbolize love and romance ever since and are used commonly by lovers as an engagementring that the groom proposes the bride with.

Many years after in 1974, DeBeers came to increase the demand for diamond jewelry with the slogan that changed the game for good: a diamond is forever! The slogan indicated the concept that as a diamond lasts forever, it will bless your love life for an endless period. Their advertisements ended up in a huge success for not only the company but for the whole diamond jewelry market as people, one of a sudden realized the worth and beauty of diamonds.


The Most Famous Solitaire Rings

There are many important gems in the market and this importance is whether for their size, color, quality, or rarity. Most of the famous engagement rings include one of these important gems and since these gems are special and need to have all the attention, the best setting for them is a simple solitaire. Here are the top 3 most known solitaire rings with a brief look at the story behind them.


1. Queen Elizabeth’s Engagement Ring

One of the most famous engagement rings of all time belongs to Queen Elizabeth II. Her fiancé, Prince Philip, chose to use one of the diamonds on his mother’s tiara as the center gem to show his endless love for his lover. The gem was a 3-carats European-cut diamond that was set in the center and was surrounded with several smaller diamonds to enhance the shine and complete the design.


2. The Taylor-Burton Diamond Ring

The well-known spouse of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton is the most famous for the special pieces of jewelry they bought. Among these jewelry items was a 33.19 Carats Asscher-cut diamond set on a white gold solitaire ring. The center gem was so huge that everyone was amazed to see it worn on a thin finger. She showed her ring off on some of her movie sets and interviews.


3. GraceKelly’s Engagement Ring

The stunning, gorgeous actress, Grace Kelly met Prince Rainer III from Monaco in 1955 while filming a Hitchcock movie and fell in love with him. The prince proposed to his lover with a beautiful eternity ring made of rubies and diamonds. But the ring didn't seem to satisfy him anymore. So, he ordered another ring and made sure this time it was a perfect one. The second ring was a solitaire ring with a 10.48 Carats emerald-cut diamond in its center and two smaller baguette-cut diamonds on its sides. The ring became very famous and popular and spotted lights on itself for a long time.


Solitaire rings are one of the most loved and sought-after designs when it comes to engagement rings! The simple yet beautiful and functional design of these rings is the reason why they never go out of style. If you are getting married or engaged, the best choice ahead of you is for sure a customized solitaire ring that just suits your taste and yet is one of the most famous and common designs available in the market. Discover our magical collection of engagement and wedding rings in a variety of different designs, in different colors, and with different gems just right now on Hassanzadeh Jewellery Website.


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