What kind of jewellery do customers like the most?

The world of jewellery is the world of variety and diversity to provide jewellery items for people of any taste! But there are always statistics that show what kind of jewellery has been the most popular through time and what type of jewellery do customers prefer the most.

Discussing this matter would lead to approximate results as in the end, everything in the jewellery world is about taste. First of all, we should mention the difference between jewellery and gold. Jewellery simply refers to the kind of ornaments that are made of gemstones based on gold. But gold jewellery refers to those ornaments that are made of just gold and do not include any other material in them.

Here we have gathered a list of what kind of jewellery customers like the most that include both jewellery and gold jewellery items. Stay with us through this list of exciting jewellery items and find your favourites!


1. Trends of the year

Usually every year the most sold jewellery items are the trends of the same year that are introduced by the most famous fashion brands. 2021’s trends were bold and edgy jewellery items like bold gold chains and colourful enamel jewellery that brought excitement and interest into our boring days in quarantine.


2. Popular gemstones

Emerald, ruby, diamond, and sapphire, the quad of most loved gemstones in the jewellery world! Usually, the jewellery items that include such gems appear to be very popular. Diamonds with their transparent shine are the most loved and used gems in the jewellery industry and no matter what, they just never go out of style. you can find diamonds in also every jewellery piece that is made as they are always being used to give an extra shine to jewellery pieces.

Rubies, gems of love with their red fire are the most sought for when it comes to occasions like Valentine's or Christmas. Emerald with its royal green colour is a majestic gemstone that brings the spirit of nature to your life and is also very popular in the jewellery market.

And of course, you can see the brilliant name of Sapphire in this list. Sapphire is the other precious gemstone when it comes to popularity. Sapphires with their deep ocean blue colour enchant everyone and bring peace wherever they go.


3. Name or Alphabet Jewellery

Customizable jewellery items have always had their kind of popularity. Having your name engraved on a jewellery piece or even a jewellery piece with the shape of your name is so special and unique and belongs to you and you only.

However, minimalists and people who are interested in more delicate and simple designs prefer wearing alphabet jewellery and have only one letter of their name (usually the first letter) engraved on a jewellery piece. There is a variety of designs for name and alphabet jewellery that makes it suitable for anyone with any taste and you can customize your jewellery piece so that it fits you more than ever. Make sure to check out our Jewellery Alphabet Ring Collection and find yours!


4. Birthstones and Birth Jewellery

Believing and using birthstones date back to ancient times. Birthstones are twelve certain gemstones that are believed to have some special healing properties for people born each month. Almost everyone finds it very exciting to have a birthstone that uniquely belongs to your birth month and symbolizes certain powers and properties for you.

It is said that wearing the birthstone of your month as a jewellery piece and carrying it with you would bring you all the properties that the gem carries; for example, if an October-born wears Opal jewellery, they will be protected from evil eye and the gem will enhance their confidence and faithfulness.


5. Solitaire Necklaces

Solitaire necklaces are made of a chain and a single pendant. These items are very popular as they are very suitable for everyday wear and are simply beautiful. Almost every woman has at least one solitaire necklace in their jewellery collection. These necklaces come in a variety of designs and materials that make it easy for you to choose your favourite pendant.

They are also budget-friendly since you can have only one chain and buy a new pendant once in a while and use it on the same chain. There is also a variety of different types of chains you can pick your one from.


6. Tennis Bracelets and Necklaces

Tennis bracelets have an interesting story and came to fame first when Chris Evert, USA’s professional tennis player, was wearing a George Bedewi all diamond bracelet during one of her matches. Turns out that the clasp of the bracelet was not secure enough to wear on a match and the bracelet tears apart in the middle of the match.

So Chris Evert stops the match to take her time to recover the diamonds of the bracelet. After this interesting happening the fame of George Bedewi increased and almost every jewellery brand started making diamond bracelets of the same style with secure clasps; diamond bracelets that are called “Tennis Bracelets” ever since.

These bracelets are made of several diamonds that are set carefully next to each other in a line and are very delicate and shiny. The fame of these bracelets led to designing Tennis Necklaces as well which also gained so much popularity. These jewellery pieces are now one of those items that never go out of style and once you buy one, you can wear it for the rest of your life and have a dazzling look!


Here in Hassanzadeh Jewellery we offer a variety of high quality jewelry items that are suitable for anyone with any taste, just take your time and surf our website to find yours and buy it easily by only a few clicks!


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